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Meet Alice.

tabletop composter
with cutting board

The idea for Alice came when I looked for a composter that was more than a bucket to place on my kitchen counter. I love to cook and soon realized that I always use the composter after cutting fruit and vegetables on a cutting board. 

AHA … why not combine the two? Well, it took 2 years of prototypes to shapeshift the humble bucket into a composter with a cutting board top and nested lid.

I am completely committed to making Alice from only healthy materials that can be composted or recycled, so zero plastic. Alice has evolved using the finest materials: ceramic glass and Paperstone cutting boards.

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Alice  belongs in your kitchen, like a coffee maker or a food processor.


It takes up only a 12” square of counter space but holds a whopping 4.2 liters of food scraps.



Alice seamlessly improves the cooking workflow making composting easy. That means you will cook more healthy food while the planet receives more organic soil and less landfill waste. Multiply that scenario millions of times and you are making a difference now and in the future.

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zero waste

100% compostable

100% recycled materials

0% plastic 

We are proud to be joining thousands of other companies on the journey to reduce plastic waste.

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